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9/30/16 Better Outdoors Update:

I wanted to take a minute to say a thanks to all of our customers and viewers for your loyal support! We have some really awesome news that will be announced in the upcoming weeks!!




The 2017 PSE Line Up has been released! We are still waiting for full details and specs over the next few days but we will have the following in next week:

2 - Carbon Air 34 

2-  Evolve 31

2- Bowmadness Epix Pro RTS

2- Drive R Pro RTS

2- Stinger X Pro RTS Muddy Girl 

In the following images, we have the first peak at the 2017 line up. There has been some changes but the greatest changes come at the very top of the line! 


The new Evolve cam system is a fresh take on the Binary style cam with some innovative features. Currently we do not have full information outside of the image show. More info is coming! We will have 2 of the Carbon Air 34 with the Evolve cam and 2 of the Evolve 31's next week!


We are dwindling down our 2016 PSE inventory to make room for the 2017 PSE lineup! Be sure to give a call before ordering as inventory is changing faster than we can update our website! We will have reviews on the 2017 lineup online as soon as we have time to shoot the new bows and test them on camera!

We are now officially carrying the Bear and Bear X line of compounds and crossbows for 2017! We will have the full lineup plus videos coming out! We currently have the Bear X Fortus ($399.99) and Bear X Brutus FFL ($599.99) in stock! 

Stay tuned for more updates on Better Outdoors! Happy hunting everybody!

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