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We stock a full range of PSE and Bear bows as well as offer a full line of archery equipment and accessories. We have everything you need to start into target archery, bowhunting, bowfishing or for the recreational archer. The Better Outdoors retail pro shop is located in Lepanto, Arkansas. We believe in prompt customer service, a perfectly tuned bow and finely crafted arrows all wrapped up in a package that is made just for you! We appreciate every person for stopping by our website to check out what we have to offer!!! 


"Life is Better Outdoors"

Better Outdoors Archery & Bowfishing is your place to find compound bows, target bows, hunting bows, competition bows, crossbows, and bowfishing bows. We offer a wide selection of bare bows, ready-to-shoot bows, and bow packages. We want to help every hunter and archer find that perfect fit, perfect feel, and perfect shot. That’s why we’re so proud of our Build a Bow program, where you can personalize every last detail of your bow, including the color, limb weight, release, stabilizer, and much more.  Our customization doesn’t stop there. We use state-of-the-art spine selection technology, along with our expert insight, to engineer a fully customized arrow set just for you. That’s not all: we also stock a wide selection of accessories, including arrow rests, sights, releases, broadheads, stabilizers, and wrist slings. We have everything you need to enjoy a better hunting or archery experience.