Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop

Bear Archery

Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow

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Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow

What do we do different than purchasing this bow directly from Bear online or other online retailers?

Our bow packages go through our Stage 2 inspection/setup/adjustment/paper tune  1-2 hour hands on process by our professional archery technicians where the bow is inspect, setup, adjusted to your specs, paper tuning, shot in our 20yd indoor range and signed off on to ensure we have done everything possible to improve your bow package above and beyond how they come out of the box from Bear directly. 

Throughout the process, we ensure we are satisfied with the build quality of the bow itself, how it is tuning and that it meets our personal expectations before it is boxed. 

Our process gives you a huge jump on enjoying archery and bowhunting where an out of box package from others still needs many adjustments to get to a practical level of being able to shoot consistently and accurately. 

We use a combination of our staff hand shooting your bow package as well as utilizing the Bow Smith shooting machine to ensure our package meets the expectations we have for it throughout the process.

What Our Stage 2 Process Includes:

  • Inspect the bow and all accessories for any flaws or things within our control to improve before setup
  • Set bow to your specified draw length
  • Adjust the draw weight your preferred weight
  • Install all accessories, set dropaway timing if applicable, install peep, set nock height and center shot
  • Move the peep to your specified height
  • Tie the D Loop & Peep Sight correctly
  • Use computer assisted spine program to determine proper spine and arrow (if arrows are ordered with your package)
  • Full Paper Tune Process to ensure proper arrow flight from the start by making adjustments to arrow rest, yokes, cam shims and any other tuning option available.  *Paper Tuning results are only repeatable with proper form and proper grip
  • Chronograph Speed Report and Bow Tune Chart Included
  • Test shoot your bow package 20 shots minimum to ensure we are satisfied with the accuracy, the feel and our expectations for the bow
  • Sight in at 20yds indoors  
  • Record all tuning & setup data on Bow Build Sheet so you know what specifications your bow package was setup on.
  • A final inspection and signed off on
  • Copy of our Things We Recommend Before Shooting which can be found at the bottom of this page

In Store Purchase

If you are purchasing In Store we include our Stage 2 setup process at NO CHARGE with you behind the bow plus our packages in store include Personalized Coaching. If you are new to archery, we will go through every part of the process as well as form & best practices shooting to start your archery journey out in the right direction.

What To Expect With This Bow Package In The First Year of Ownership

Our staff has been around archery for a combined 50 years. We've been through lots of bows of all brands and they all have much in common throughout the ownership of them. We want to set realistic expectations that others deceitfully do not tell you about bow ownership, no matter the brand, to make a sell. We want to provide some helpful information so that you will have the best experience with the least amount of surprises.

  1. Stock strings are much like factory tires on a vehicle, they will perform long enough but aftermarket ones will last longer. Aftermarket upgrade strings will help the peep stay straighter and cam timing not be effected as greatly. Stock strings are usually good for one year total or around 1500 shots but NO BOW MANUFACTURER warranties their strings are they are a wear item. 

Pro Tip: You can ship your bow package back to us so that we can install upgrade aftermarket strings (charges apply for shipping, string set and labor to install & retune) or you can have us install aftermarket strings on your bow package before tuning (Charges do apply, this is available by contacting us)

  1. Your stock strings have a break-in period of around 300 shots and will need put in a bow press to have the string twisted to get the peep coming back straight at some point throughout its life. Typically you will have to visit a local archery shop that has a bow press in order to have this addressed.

Pro Tip: A majority of the time, you can twist the d loop around the string and it will rotate the peep to continue shooting

  1. Your cam timing will change slightly during the break-in period. When this happens, the feel of the bow at full draw will be very spongy, your arrow flight will become erratic and your accuracy will be effected. Even cam timing effects a single cam bow, sometimes worse as a single cam bow string is twice the length of a dual cam bow string.
  2. If you are shooting a Whisker Biscuit style rest with bristles, the bristles will wear down and start to make your arrows fly bad and your accuracy to decrease. 
  3. You have to check all bolts and fasteners across the entire bow periodically as they can work loose from shooting, carrying and transporting your bow.
  4. The stock tube peep will break. Usually this happens withing 200 shots or less. The tube is made of rubber and will either come untied, pull off of the peep sight body or break from shooting.

Pro Tip: We recommend to order your bow package with a tube peep from the start. If you want to upgrade the peep later, you will need to take your bow to a local archery shop. There is no safe way to change it without using a bow press.

  1. The D Loop typically lasts as long as the string but sometimes a release can have a burr in the jaws causing premature wear. The good news is, a D Loop is something every bow owner can do at home. There are videos online on how to tie one safely. 

Pro Tip: We use BCY #24 D Loop material


Bear Archery Alaskan XT RTH Compound Bow

Named after the last frontier and built to endure anything - the new Alaskan XT. This bow is capable of speeds up to 335fps while still providing an easy to shoot 80% let-off. Not only blazing fast, but this bow has a draw length range of 25"-30" and two weight range options: 45-60lb or 55-70lb. Integrated picatinny sight mount and Integrate Mounting System rest locations are machined into the riser; allowing you to mount your favorite steamlined accessories. Additionally, this bow is deadened by strategically placed in-riser dampeners and upgraded with a roller cable slide. All that packed into a forgiving 6.25" brace height and 33" axle-to-axle package.

Bow Specs:

  • IBO 335fps
  • Axle-to-Axle 33"
  • Brace Height 6.25"
  • Letoff 80%
  • Draw Length Range 25-30"
  • Draw Weight Range 45-60lb, 55-70lb

What Our Alaskan XT RTH Package Includes:


Trophy Ridge Integrated Fatal 4-Pin Sight

Arrow Rest

Trophy Ridge Integrated Whisker Biscuit V


Trophy Ridge 5 Spot 

Stabilizer & Sling

Trophy Ridge Snub Nose with Stiff Sling

Peep Sight

Trophy Ridge 3/16 Tube Peep

Standard Inclusions

D Loop, Owners Manual, Sticker, Limb Stop Kit

Our Personal Thoughts On This Bow 

New Longer Caged Riser

-A much longer riser that increases stability at full draw compared to the previous Bear Alaskan and cages machined top and bottom for rigidity, reducing vibration and noise.

New DHC Hybrid Cam System

-A different profile from the previous DHC system that incorporates a much improved module/draw stop system as well as a redesigned optional limb stop. Smaller in diameter to provide better speed in its draw length range as well as improved nock travel. (Cam on Paradigm is the larger version of this cam to optimize for longer draw lengths)

New Accessory Package

-Picatinny Integrated 4 Pin sight exclusively made for Bear's RTH packages as well as IMS Integrated Whisker Biscuit V. "I'm personally excited to finally have vertical adjustment for the arrow rest for better options for paper tuning and broadhead tuning." 

New Picatinny Sight Mount 

-Machined into the riser in the same way flagship bows are for straight, level and solid mount of all Picatinny sights that also keeps the weight of the sight more centered in the bow. This is the first time Bear has used this technology.

New IMS Arrow Rest Mount

-Bear is utilizing the QAD IMS riser mount system for the arrow rest for the first time AND on a bow in this price point. Allows you to use the new Trophy Ridge Propel limb driven rest as well as any IMS rest.

New Vibration Dampers

-Riser has rubber vibration dampers on both ends of the riser as well as continuing to use Killerwave limb dampers.

New Adjustable Cable Rod

-"A major upgrade that has been needed in Bears bow in this price point for many years to give us more tuning options to improve arrow and broadhead flight."

New Roller Slide with Served Cable

-Using the same technology from the Adapt+, the new roller slide with served cables that eliminates one of the biggest issues the previous Bear bows had with wear from the cable slide.

New Lower Rear Stabilizer Mount

-Drilled & tapped low on the riser to allow you to install a rear mounted rear stabilizer bracket for better center of gravity, better hold on target over mounting a bracket off the front like previous Bear bows.

Who Is This Bow For?

"I find the Alaskan XT to be ideal for someone that wants a great string angle from 25"-30" of draw length especially the sweet spot of a 27.5" to 30" length. This bow fits the needs of someone that is hunting from a saddle or tree stand where it's ATA length won't be any issue either. During the off season of hunting, this bow will be awesome to shoot at TAC or for 3D events."


Peep Sight

-"The stock plastic peep has the rubber tube to help keep the peep straight but the tube ends up coming loose or snapping. I recommend our standard aluminum 3/16 or 1/4 peep upgrade that does not have a tube. I also recommend to go to an aluminum peep for over 65lbs."


-"Being that the RTH package does not include arrows (and seldomly do the arrows with the Extra package that Bear offers spine out properly for anybody's setup), you will need arrows to get shooting. If you order arrows from us with your package, we will use our computer software to determine the best arrow solution to fit your draw length and draw weight."

Stage 3 Broadhead Tune

-"Paper tuning isn't where tuning stops if you are planning to hit the woods with broadheads, our Stage 3 tune includes a much deeper dive into tuning to get your broadhead and field point shooting as close to the same as possible which improves your arrow flight, your groups, makes your practice sessions with field points much more effective as well as most importantly stacking the odds in your favor for confidence in the field. The main two things after our Stage 3 tune that can totally change your point of impact with broadheads are to minimize torquing the grip of the bow and by not adding facial pressure to the string at anchor" 



We do require you to order arrows with your bow package to be able to perform our Stage 3 broadhead tune and achieve the results we expect from tuning.

  • All From Stage 2 Tune
  • Full Broadhead Tuning Process for the broadhead you will hunt with to ensure the very best arrow flight possible. We expect after tuning for your broadhead to shoot within an inch or less of your field point at 20yds.
  • On all Stage 3 setups, we typically spend 2 to 3 hours minimum on your fit, setup and tune to ensure your bow performs to the highest level possible.

Personalized Help

Have questions our website does not answer? New to the sport and would like more in depth help in deciding which bow and options suite your needs best? Julie will be able to answer all of your questions, advise on which options you need as well as walk you through our website ordering process. Simply give us a call at 870-475-3337 (M-F 1-7pm CST) or send us a text at 870-410-0385 (M-F 1-7pm).

Things We Recommend Before Shooting

Dry Fire/Derailment Policy


-Modern compound bows are not designed to be drawn or shot with fingers as a DERAILMENT can occur which can damage cams and strings as well as cause severe injury.

-Even with a release, always have an arrow loaded to draw the bow back or to allow someone else to and pointed in a safe direction.

-A DRYFIRE is caused by drawing and firing the bow without any arrow nocked on the string. It can cause severe damage to the cams, strings, limbs, riser, arrow as well as severe injury to the shooter that caused the dry fire

-A DRYFIRE is NOT covered under any type of warranty or insurance.

-In the event of a DRYFIRE or DERAILMENT, there will be particular evidence of damage that both our staff and Bear Archery can identify to be positive of a dryfire or derailment.

-All labor, parts and shipping  costs from a DERAILMENT or DRYFIRE will be the customers responsibility. Better Outdoors LLC is not liable for damages caused by this misuse or by any other damages incurred. 

*A damaged nock or nock not clicked firmly onto string can cause a PARTIAL DRYFIRE that can result in a DERAILMENT, Bent Cams, Broken Strings and Injury.

-However, in the event of either of these, we will do our best to get parts and repair the bow as soon as possible in the most practical way possible to get your bow back to 100%. All labor, parts and shipping costs will be the customers responsibility.

For more information relative to warranty, damages, failures, refer to the Bear Archery Owners Manual for more information. Contact Bear Archery customer service directly at 1(800)694-9494

Despite our added inspection of your bow package before shipping, we still do recommend to check all fasteners before shooting as shipping sometimes can vibrate bolts loose, move arrow rests and in rare cases, cause serious damage or injury.

Use an Allen Wrench of appropriate size to check bolts in cam(s) to ensure draw modules, draw stops, sight mounts, sight pins, arrow rest bolts and stabilizer tight after shipping.

Ensure that the cable its sitting on the roller wheel of the cable roller if your bow package has the cable roller slide as they can get pushed out in shipping to you.

Refer to Bear Archery Owners Manual for specific images and information relative to your bow

Check Your Centershot

-You may find a silver mark on your rest body that will show where the rest was set during our setup process. If the rest was moved you can simply move the rest to line up the silver mark with the machined white mark on the rest.

Why Do We Recommend to Check It?

-We have experienced the shipping carriers rough handling to cause the arrow rest to be pushed over causing issues with accuracy and arrow flight that can be cured by simply checking the centershot measurement and using an allen wrench depending on arrow rest model to loosen then moving the rest back to the proper measurement provided in your bow build sheet or the mark on the rest.

-This particular case of the arrow rest being moved is not covered by shipping insurance

Flex all arrows (if they applicable to your order) before shooting, ensure all nocks are pressed in to the shaft and field point is tightened up on arrow

In the case of the bow, arrows or accessories broken, damaged or missing from shipping:

1st Take pictures of the box it arrived in or an insurance claim cannot be filed until pictures of the box are provided due to shipping insurance providers policy.

2nd Contact us via call at 870-475-3337, Text at 870-410-0385 or the Contact Us on our website at and provide us the information and pictures of any items broken, damaged or missing due to damage of the box in shipping.

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