Black Eagle Arrows Renegade .005 Custom Shop Fletched Arrow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Black Eagle Arrows Renegade .005 Custom Fletched Arrow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop

Black Eagle Arrows Renegade .005 Custom Fletched Arrow

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Black Eagle Arrows Renegade


The Renegade was designed specially for hunters that want a supremely accurate small diameter carbon arrow that is tough as nails - at a great price. This shaft was designed to eliminate cross-wind drift. Its perfect for those long range shots. The flight characteristics of this extremely durable shaft ensures maximum power down-range.

Our Standard Arrow Build Process Includes:

  • Use computer assist technology to select the proper spine (where applicable)
  • Hand fletched to your vane configuration specifications using the best tools & glue available
  • Cut and Square End of Shaft for proper insert alignment
  • Glue in Insert
  • Install Nocks

    All Sales FINAL On Arrow Orders, No Returns or Refunds


    Arrow Turnaround Times during Peak Season 8/1-12/1 are 5-7 business days with possibility to extend to 7-10 business days 

    Component Weights:

     Component Weight
    Standard Nock 10gr
    Standard Insert 52gr
    AAE Hybrid 26 Vane 9gr/ea
    Bohning Blazer Vane  5gr/ea
    250 .204 .280 10.8
    300 .204 .275 10
    350 .204 .267 8.7
    400 .204 .263 8

      How To Order:

      Step 1: Select Your Fletching Type & Configuration

      -Select between the Better Outdoors Signature AAE Hybrid 26 vane (quietest in flight) or Bohning Blazer Vane (standard size vane) and between 4 fletch (Dalton's favorite) or 3 fletch (most popular) as well as left offset or right offset (Dalton prefer's left offset for most setups)

      Step 2: Let Us Determine Spine & Arrow Length for Maximum Performance?

      -If you wish to have us determine your proper arrow length and spine option, check YES. If you are happy with your setup and need more at a certain length, check NO or if you are a current customer and ordering more using your included complementary tune chart with your bow.

      If you check YES, enter your current bow model, draw length and draw weight for us to factor on to determine the proper arrow spine combination.

      If you check NO, select your spine and carbon to carbon length arrow you need. You can use your complementary tune chart data to enter to order more arrows.

      Step 3: Select your fletching colors for your Cock vane (the odd color vane on a 3 fletch or the top 2 odd vanes on a 4 fletch) and your Hen vane (the 2 alike colors on a 3 fletch or bottom 2 vanes on a 4 fletch).


      Store Policy: No returns or exchanges on custom built arrows. Our arrows are just that - custom for every individual they are built for.