Black Eagle Arrows Renegade .005 Custom Shop Fletched Arrow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Black Eagle Arrows Renegade .005 Custom Fletched Arrow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop

Black Eagle Arrows Renegade .005 Custom Fletched Arrow

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Black Eagle Arrows Renegade


The Renegade was designed specially for hunters that want a supremely accurate small diameter carbon arrow that is tough as nails - at a great price. This shaft was designed to eliminate cross-wind drift. Its perfect for those long range shots. The flight characteristics of this extremely durable shaft ensures maximum power down-range.

Our Standard Arrow Build Process Includes:

  • Use computer assist technology to select the proper spine (where applicable)
  • Hand fletched to your vane configuration specifications using the best tools & glue available
  • Cut and Square End of Shaft for proper insert alignment
  • Glue in Insert
  • Install Nocks

    All Sales FINAL On Arrow Orders, No Returns or Refunds


    Arrow Turnaround Times during Peak Season 8/1-12/1 are 5-7 business days with possibility to extend to 7-10 business days 

    Component Weights:

     Component Weight
    Standard Nock 10gr
    Standard Insert 52gr
    AAE Hybrid 26 Vane 9gr/ea
    Bohning Blazer Vane  5gr/ea

    250 .204 .280 10.8
    300 .204 .275 10
    350 .204 .267 8.7
    400 .204 .263 8

      Frequently Asked Questions 

      Let Us Determine the Best Spine & Length for Your Setup

      Q: What does "Let Us Determine the Best Spine & Length for Your Setup" mean? A: This option allows our experts to select the optimal spine and length for your arrows based on your bow setup to ensure the best performance.

      Carbon to Carbon Length

      Q: What does "Carbon to Carbon Length" refer to? A: The Carbon to Carbon Length is the measurement from the back of the insert to end of the nock end of the arrow. This is measuring only the carbon section of the arrow not including insert or nock. We do not measure from end of the insert to the nock grove as there are too many variables. This is important for the proper fit and performance of your arrows.

      Q: How do I choose the correct Carbon to Carbon Length? A: You can select your preferred length or let us determine the best length for your setup.

      Fletching Configuration

      Q: What are my options for fletching configuration? A: You can choose between 3 Fletch or 4 Fletch at 90 degrees. We recommend 3 fletch for mechanical broadheads and 4 fletch for fixed broadheads.

      Fletching Direction

      Q: What does "Fletching Direction" mean? A: The fletching direction refers to the way the vanes are set on the arrow, which can affect the arrow's spin and flight stability. You will want to pair this with the direction your arrow spins out of the bow naturally. This is also known as "Arrow Clocking".

      Q: What options are available for fletching direction? A: You can choose between 2 degree left offset or 2 degree right offset. 

      Cock Vane Color

      Q: What is a cock vane? A: The cock vane is the vane that is placed differently from the other vanes and is used as a reference for nocking the arrow.

      Q: What colors are available for the cock vane? A: You can choose from Black, White, Blue, Bright Green, Fire Orange, Gray, Hot Pink, OD Green, Purple, Red, Sand, Sunset Gold, and Teal.

      Hen Vane Color

      Q: What is a hen vane? A: Hen vanes are the other two vanes on the arrow that are not the cock vane.

      Q: What colors are available for the hen vanes? A: You can choose from Black, White, Blue, Bright Green, Fire Orange, Gray, Hot Pink, OD Green, Purple, Red, Sand, Sunset Gold, and Teal.

      Arrow Wrap

      Q: What is an arrow wrap? A: An arrow wrap is a decorative vinyl sticker applied to the arrow shaft, which can also make it easier to find your arrows.

      Q: Should I use an arrow wrap? A: It’s a personal preference. Some archers use wraps for visibility or aesthetic reasons.

      Bow Specifications

      Q: What information about my bow do I need to provide? A: You need to provide your bow’s draw length, draw weight, make, model, and ATA (Axle-to-Axle) length.

      Broadhead/Field Point Weight

      Q: Why do I need to specify the weight of my broadhead or field point? A: The weight of your broadhead or field point affects the arrow’s flight and performance, so it's important for matching the correct spine and ensuring accuracy.

      Nock and Insert Options

      Q: What nock and insert options are available? A: You can select your preferred standard nock color, add a lighted nock, choose your insert type, and decide whether you want spin testing or square ends of the shaft.

      Field Points

      Q: Are field points included with my arrows? A: They are not included unless you choose to include field points with your custom arrow build.

      Contact Method

      Q: How will you contact me for custom build questions? A: You can select your preferred contact method to ensure we can reach you for any questions regarding your custom build.

      Notes for Arrow Builder

      Q: Can I provide specific instructions or requests for my arrow build? A: Yes, there is a section where you can add any notes or special instructions for the arrow builder.

      Terms and Conditions

      Q: What are the terms and conditions for custom arrow builds? A: By checking the boxes, you agree that custom arrow builds take 7-10 days before shipping and that there are no returns or exchanges on custom-built arrows.

      Shipping Insurance

      Q: Is shipping insurance required? A: Yes, you must select your required shipping insurance option.

      If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact our customer support team.


      Store Policy: No returns or exchanges on custom built arrows. Our arrows are just that - custom for every individual they are built for.