Real World Speed Test | Bear Archery Whitetail Maxx Compound Bow

 Real World Speed Test | Bear Archery Whitetail Maxx Compound Bow



Introduction: If you're want the real story on the real world speed for the Bear Whitetail Max, well this is your video. Hey everybody, Dalton Vaughn here at the Better Outdoors Archery Pro Shop with the new Bear Whitetail Max for this real world speed test. So, this bow is a $699.99 ready to hunt bow, so a pretty sweet price, comes with everything kind of deal. 26 to 30 inch draw length adjustment range, and it has adjustable let-off from 75 to 90% with their EK cam. So, for this test though, we're going to set it to 85% let-off so it keeps it consistent with other bows we've done and other bows that are similar to it out there in the market to make it a fair fight as well.

Testing Procedure: This bow does boast a 339 ft per second IBO, so well throughout this testing you'll see if it meets it or if it doesn't, or if it gets within reasonable distance. But we will be shooting it through the biscuit to keep it consistent with the other ready to hunt bows we've done, as well as shooting the stock tube peep. And both of those do slow some bows down, but well, we're not here to hide anything, we're here to be transparent and show you what you can actually expect with this bow.

Draw Length and Weight Check: Now, our testing is going to consist of setting this bow to its shortest draw length setting, which is 26 inches in this bow's case. Then we're going to do a 27-inch setting, then a 29-inch setting to give you a good wide range of what all performance to expect from this bow. We're going to check the real world draw length on the drawboard so we know exactly what it's actually measuring and not just going by what we set the module to, that way we know. And then while we're there, we're also going to make sure that it's as close to 70 lbs as we can possibly get, that way it's consistent with our other videos and the other bows that we do.

Arrow Weight Variation: Plus, we're going to be shooting a variety of arrow weights. We're going to shoot a 350, a 400, a 450, and a 500 grain arrow out of this bow, and that way you'll have a good wide range as well of arrow weights and speeds to expect from all that. So, let's go set it to that short setting and go check it on the draw board.

Testing Results: Now, we're adjusted to that 26-inch setting on the draw stop and module, 85% let-off. We're all the way turned up, so let's see what kind of actual specs we get here. So, we are at 69.8 lbs, pretty dang close to 70, and then we are measuring 26 and 5/8 inches of draw length. So now, for the chrono, we're on a 26 and 5/8-inch draw length at 69.8 lbs, and we're going to start with a 350 grain arrow at 291 ft per second, 400 grain at 275 ft per second, 450 grain at 259 ft per second, and 500 grain at 248 ft per second.

Continued Testing and Conclusion: Now, let's go to 27-inch draw. We're at 69.6 lbs, and we are measuring well 27 and 5/8 inches, so about 5/8 longer than what the module shows. So, chrono time, we're set to a 27 and 5/8-inch draw length at 69.6 lbs, and we're going to start with a 350 grain arrow at 303 ft per second, 400 grain at 286 ft per second, 450 grain at 270 ft per second, and 500 grain at 258 ft per second.

Well, if you're enjoying this video, definitely leave a like on the video, maybe throw a comment down below on the speed and what you think so far. And as well, all of our contact info while down there is in the description below, so I'll spare you all those details 'cause they're easy to get to anyway. Now, if you're located in the mid-South, well, we are too. We are in Lanto, Arkansas, which is 45 minutes from Jonesboro, Arkansas, and 45 minutes from Memphis, Tennessee. So, we're probably not too far from you, and you're probably not too far from us.

We can't ship this particular bow, the Whitetail Max, but we can ship a lot of the other Bear line and a lot of parts and custom arrow builds, all that fun stuff. But anyway, that's over on our website, make that simple too. Now, we're set to that 29-inch setting draw mod and draw stop and still 85% let-off. So, see what our real-world draw length and weight are. Alright, the 29-inch setting added well about a pound of draw weight, we're at 70.6 lbs, and we're measuring well, this is kind of surprising, 29 and 7/16 inches. So, the 29-inch setting is quite a bit different than the other two we've checked, interesting. Now, to the chrono. Now, we're set to a 29 and 7/16-inch AMO draw length at 70.6 lbs, and we're going to start with a 350 grain arrow at 323 ft per second, 400 grain at 305 ft per second, 450 grain at 289 ft per second, and 500 grain at 276 ft per second.

Draw Length (in) Draw Weight (lbs) Arrow Weight (grains) Speed (ft/s)
26 5/8 69.8 350 291
26 5/8 69.8 400 275
26 5/8 69.8 450 259
26 5/8 69.8 500 248
27 5/8 69.6 350 303
27 5/8 69.6 400 286
27 5/8 69.6 450 270
27 5/8 69.6 500 258
29 7/16 70.6 350 323
29 7/16 70.6 400 305
29 7/16 70.6 450 289
29 7/16 70.6 500 276


Well, guys, I hope you enjoyed this video and able to take all these transparent and real-world numbers and use them to nail down what bow really fits your needs the best. Or maybe you're like me and just want to know what some of these different bows can perform like for different draw weights and draw lengths, that's always an interesting calculation to make. Speaking of calculations, if you want to factor out what the actual IBO speed is for this bow, well, you can go back through the video and get those numbers, you can go to, that's where we like to use 'cause that's something you guys can access easily too. And put in each draw length, each draw weight, each arrow weight, and that'll tell you what the real-world IBO it's delivering on is for each length and weight.

Now, do keep in mind when you go on there, put about 60 grain in for this weight on the string because we've got the stock tube peep and we've got the d-loop on it as well with a little bit of serving. So, that's going to change if you change that weight for the string, that will change what the IBO delivers on quite a bit as well. So, and that's through the whisker biscuit too, so interesting speed tests they always are. We appreciate you guys watching, we'll catch you all in the next video.

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