MD-50 Gear Archer's Release Trainer: Did You Know Series Episode 2

In episode 2 of our Did You Know series, we cover a new product that we have found great value in especially learning to shoot new releases or fix those shot issues, the MD-50 Gear Archer's Release Trainer. Julie takes you through the features and the best ways to use this device to get the most out of your archery even when you can't shoot your bow! 

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have you ever wanted to shoot your bow
when you couldn't go outside and shoot
your bow
hey guys julie vaughn here with better
outdoors archery pro shop and i've got a
brand new product to show you guys that
we just got in and we're super excited
this is the archers release trainer by
md50 gear
and this trainer is super useful for a
way to practice with your release and
practice your shot without having to go
out and actually shoot your bow
this is going to be super helpful for
people who are wanting to go to a thumb
release or a hinge release and need to
practice their shot process
kind of try to beat some target panic
we've seen that a lot
this is
going to be basically an asset to
get to that point with your bow
we have had a demo in the store you guys
may have seen it we used it for a while
decided if this was a good way or to go
or not and we in fact decided that it is
so we are bringing it to you guys now
there are a couple of different versions
of this available this green one in
particular is mostly for people that are
going to shoot over 50 pounds in draw
and then there's also one for under 50
pounds there's even one for our nasp
shooters to kind of give them an
opportunity to get a little bit more
practice in
you can even add some upgrades to this
such as
the side pin just like you would use
your sight pin whenever you're shooting
your bow gives you an opportunity to
learn to maybe even look past the pin it
is going to be a little different than
just a regular string to practice with
because your handle here on it does
to adjust the length and the holding
weight essentially so you can make it
like your own bow
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the md50 gear release trainer is
available both in store and on our
we are going to set this up for dalton
to use kind of demonstrate with force
and show us how this rubber handle and
the string work together to make that
bow feel not something you guys can see
on video but you guys can definitely get
an idea of how it works
so we start with referencing our chart
which i've already done
that tells us how long to make the
string on it which is going to affect
the holding weight so for dalton it
looks like we are going to need it to be
about twenty
and a and three quarters long pretty
close to that twenty and almost
and we are at 21 inches right now so i'm
going to shorten it up just a hair
we're just going to tie it off a little
bit shorter
and that is literally all it's going to
take to get it ready to go practice with
so now
we're going to have dalton show us how
to use this since this one's set up for
him all right so we got it all set up
for dalton and it's ready for him to
practice with
we did go ahead and add the sight pin to
it he felt like that would help him be a
little more precise with it and really
make it feel like it's his bow
and we also went ahead and he is using
the wristling on it to keep from
throwing it across the room whenever a
shot goes off
so he's going to anchor
and you'll see now
that this rubber piece is starting to
and that's where you're going to get
your resistance for your holding weight
with this device
so get anchored get comfy and follow
through with your shot

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