Mission MXR Bare Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Mission MXR Bare Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop
Mission MXR Bare Bow - Better Outdoors Pro Shop

Mission MXR Bare Bow

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Mission MXR Bare Bow

The MXR is a one-of-a-kind, high-performance hunting bow offering accuracy and speeds traditionally found in higher priced bows. Built around our Crosscentric Cam technology, the MXR is powerful and efficient. The seven inch brace height enhances forgiveness and accuracy, while the proven cam system generates 324 feet per second for performance you can be confident in. The MXR also features a new grip, refined with a thinner, more ergonomic profile that minimizes torque and enhances comfort. This performance-inspired bow is unlike any in its category. One of our favorites apects for the new MXR is just how quiet and shock free it is. This bow is a big upgrade from the 2018 Ballistic 2.0!


  • Mathews Bows available ONLY in store, due to Mathews policy, these bows cannot be shipped or mailed, they must be picked up in person.
  • Colors Include Black and Realtree Edge

Bow Specs:

  • IBO 324fps (measured at 70lb, 29.5in draw, 350gr arrow)
  • ATA 30"
  • Brace Height 7"
  • Letoff 80%
  • Draw Length Range 23.5-29.5"
  • Draw Weight Range Adjustable 40-70lb
  • Realtree Original and Black Color Options

      What Your Package Includes:

      • 1 Month Free Range Time
      • Stage 2 Fit and Tune

      What Your Stage 2 Fit and Tune Includes

      • Measure your draw length and fit the length to the bow
      • Adjust the draw weight your prefered weight
      • Install all accessories, set dropaway timing, install peep, set nock height and center shot
      • Use computer assisted spine program to determine proper spine and arrow 
      • Full Paper Tune Process to ensure proper arrow flight from the start
      • Sight in at 20yds indoors so you leave our store with confidence in your equipment


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