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Mathews Prima Level 1 Package

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Mathews Prima Level 1 Package

At a mere 3.93 pounds with a 30 inch axle-to-axle and a 5 1/2" inch brace height, the PRIMA™ is compact and provides women truly unmatched performance. Its CROSSCENTRIC cam produces a smooth draw and consistent accuracy while delivering massive downrange energy, delivering speeds up to 321 feet per second at a 27.5" draw (calculated speed at 30" draw is 346 fps). Our new CenterGuard Cable containment system optimizes cam timing while creating additional vane clearance. The 3D Damping uses the all-new Nano 740 to reduce post shot vibration and noise. The PRIMA™ also features the Engage™ Grip interface which was designed to ensure consistent hand placement, reducing torque and increasing accuracy regardless of hand size.

    BRACE HEIGHT 5 1/2"
    AXLE-TO-AXLE 30"
    DRAW WEIGHT 40, 50 & 60
    DRAW LENGTHS 21.5"-27.5"
    LET-OFF 80

    Buyers Benefits (A $200 Value Included FREE!)

    • 1 Month Free Indoor Range Use with After The Sale Adjustments
    • Stage 3 Bow Fit/Setup/Paper Tune/Walkback Tune/Broadhead Tune/Personalized Coaching Appointment

    What Your Level 1 Package Includes:

    • Sight: Trophy Ridge Volt 5 .19 Pins with Light
    • Rest: Trophy Ridge Sync Dropaway
    • Stabilizer: Trophy Ridge Static 6in
    • Wrist Sling: Trophy Ridge Stiff Sling
    • Quiver: Trophy Ridge 5 Spot 5 Arrow 
    • Your Choice of Peep & D Loop
    • 1 Month Free Range Time
    • Stage 3 Bow Fit/Setup/Paper Tune/Walkback Tune/Broadhead Tune/Personalized Coaching Appointment

    What Your Stage 3 Tune Appointment Includes:

    • Measure your draw length and fit the length to the bow
    • Adjust the draw weight your prefered weight
    • Install all accessories, set dropaway timing, install peep, set nock height and center shot
    • Set the 1st, and and 3rd Axis on the sight
    • Use computer assisted spine program to determine proper spine and arrow 
    • Full Paper Tune Process to ensure proper arrow flight from the start
    • Full Broadhead Tuning Process for the broadhead you will hunt with
    • Sight in at 20yds indoors so you leave our store with confidence in your equipment
    • On all Stage 3 setups, we typically spend 2 to 3 hours minimum on your fit, setup and tune to ensure your bow performs to the highest level possible
    • Personalized Coaching throughout the fit/setup/tune to improve any areas of your shooting form/shot execution to get the most accuracy and confidence out of your new bow package

      How to Buy?

      For Local Customers:

      For our within a short driving distance customers call ahead to pay a deposit on the bow you'd like then schedule your Build Appointment. We also have Layaway options if you see a bow we have and want to lock it down before it gets away! 

      For Long Distance Customers:

      As we continue to serve customers 4, 6 & 8 hours away, we have special options just for these instances. You can contact us ahead of time to schedule a Build Appointment and put your 50% deposit down on your bow. We also offer Layaway options in case you see bow you like and don't want to let it get away! From there when you arrive, we can begin the Stage 3 Plus tuning process. If you are staying in a hotel, we recommend staying in Jonesboro Arkansas only 45 minutes away that has safe, great hotels and lots of restaurant options. After the build, you can always call us to order more arrows and other accessories you may need after the sale.

      Policy & Pricing

      • Mathews Bows available ONLY in store, due to Mathews policy, these bows cannot be shipped or mailed, they must be picked up in person.
      • Standard Colors, Black & Realtree Edge are Base Price
      • Custom Colors: Granite, Gore/Sitka Elevated II, Sub Alpine, Under Armor All Season, First Lite Spectre, Ambush Green are $75.00 Upcharge
      • Custom GAS Strings are a $140.00 Upcharge


          Personalized Help

          Have questions our website does not answer? New to the sport and would like more in depth help in deciding which bow and options suit your needs best? Simply give us a Call at 870-475-3337 or Text at 870-410-0385 (M-F 12-7pm CST)! Dalton or Julie will personally assist you on any questions and scheduling your personal bow build. We will go through the entire process, each and every step, to ensure you are getting exactly what you need to be successful in archery.