Mathews LIFT 29.5 Level 3 Package
Mathews LIFT 29.5 Level 3 Package
Mathews LIFT 29.5 Level 3 Package
Mathews LIFT 29.5 Level 3 Package
Mathews LIFT 29.5 Level 3 Package

Mathews LIFT 29.5 Level 3 Package

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Mathews LIFT29.5

The 2024 LIFT is lightweight and heavy hitting. At sub-4 pounds, this next generation of Mathews hunting bows utilizes the all-new SwitchWeight X Cam delivering speeds up to 348 FPS while remaining deadly quiet. The LIFT features reimagined RPD limbs to minimize post-shot vibration, a new top axle system for lightweight stability, and is equipped with all-new MATCH® bowstrings to eliminate stretch, serving separation and peep rotation. Everything put into the 2024 LIFT is made to deliver a higher standard of bowhunting – we guarantee it.

IBO RATINGUP TO 348FPS with 80% Letoff
DRAW WEIGHT 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 & 80lb
DRAW LENGTHS 24.5" - 30"
LET-OFF 80 OR 85%
PHYSICAL WEIGHT 3.99 LBS w/o Riser Damper

What the LIFT 29.5 Level 3 Package Includes:


Mathews by Axcel Bridgelock 5 Pin .19 Pins

Arrow Rest

Mathews by QAD Integrate MX2


Mathews Low Pro Detachable (Your color choice)

Stabilizer & Sling

Mathews Bridgelock 8in (Your color choice) with LOC Carbon Max Sling (Your Color Choice)

Peep Sight

Hamskea Raptor

SCS Kit with Rope Included

Standard Inclusions

D Loop, Owners Manual, Sticker & Hat

Setup & Tuning

Stage 3 Tune (See below for the process each bow we build goes through)

NOTE: This bow CANNOT be shipped, New Mathews bows are available only in our walk in pro shop.

What Your Stage 3 Broadhead Tune Includes 

Throughout the process, we ensure we are satisfied with the build quality of the bow itself, how it is tuning and that it meets our personal expectations before you leave our Pro Shop.

  • Personal Coaching, Instruction and Help throughout the build & tune process
  • Measure your draw length and fit the length to the bow
  • Adjust the draw weight your preferred weight
  • Install accessories, set dropaway timing if applicable, install peep, set nock height and center shot
  • Install d loop and peep sight
  • Use computer assisted spine program to determine proper spine and arrow 
  • Full Paper Tune Process to ensure proper arrow flight from the start 
  • Chronograph Speed Report and Bow Tune Chart Included
  • Sight in at 20yds indoors  
  • All From Stage 2 Tune
  • Full Broadhead Tuning Process for the broadhead you will hunt with to ensure the very best arrow flight possible. We expect after tuning for your broadhead to shoot within an inch or less of your field point at 20yds.
  • On all Stage 3 setups, we typically spend 2 to 3 hours minimum on your fit, setup and tune to ensure your bow performs to the highest level possible.
  • Record all tuning & setup data on Bow Build Sheet so you know what specifications your bow package was setup on.

Your In Store purchase includes all of these services with you behind the bow plus our packages in store include Personalized Coaching. If you are new to archery, we will go through every part of the process as well as form & best practices shooting to start your archery journey out in the right direction.


A steady stacking draw cycle results in a solid, locked-in backwall, providing unrivaled consistency and accuracy while delivering speeds up to 348 FPS. Compatible with SwitchWeight mods, the SWX Cam offers more versatility than ever with draw weights ranging from 55 to 80 lbs and draw lengths from 24.5”-30”.


Utilizing our exclusive Bridge-Lock™ Technology, these new stabilizers integrate directly into the riser creating a more rigid connection and better balance point. Featuring our patent pending Interlink™ Weight Technology and a quick-disconnect knob allowing adjustability in 1/2″ increments, the Bridge-Lock™ offer a new level of harmonic tuning and customization in a single bar.


The LIFT features a new top-mounted axle system that maximizes the working surface area of the limbs while cutting weight and increasing stability across the entire platform. Paired with Resistance Phase Damping technology which tackles excess vibration directly at the source, this new limb design results in a stealthy and extremely stable shooting experience unlike any other hunting bow.


Allows a dovetail sight to be mounted through the bow’s riser, eliminating the need for an external mounting bracket.


Engineered around the geometry of the Phase 4, our tightest fitting quiver to-date.


At less than 1/2 ounce, our minimalist flo-orange servicing cable and our specifically modified cams allow backcountry hunters to safely remove or repair their strings and cables in the field without the use of a bow press. This ultra-lightweight and compact system is the ultimate emergency bow kit to keep you in the hunt.


Integrates directly into the grip of your Mathews bow, the Shot Sense module will track and record your shot analytics, providing advanced feedback in real time through the Mathews Shot Sense app.

How to Buy?

For Local Customers:

For our within a short driving distance customers, you can visit us during Walk In Hours 1-7pm Tuesday-Friday or Call 870-475-3337 or Text 870-410-0385 to pay a deposit on the bow you'd like then schedule your Build Appointment. We take all major credit cards, cash and now Sezzle Buy Now Pay later (fee's apply)

For Long Distance Customers:

As we continue to serve customers 4, 6 & 8 hours away, we have special options just for these instances. You can contact us ahead of time via Call (870-475-3337) or Text (870-410-0385) to schedule a Build Appointment and put your deposit down on your bow.  From there when you arrive, we can begin the Stage 3 Plus tuning process. If you are staying in a hotel, we recommend staying in Jonesboro Arkansas only 45 minutes away that has safe, great hotels and lots of restaurant options. After the build, you can always call us to order more arrows and other accessories you may need after the sale. We take all major credit cards, cash and now Sezzle Buy Now Pay later (fee's apply)

Policy & Pricing

  • Mathews Bows available ONLY in store, due to Mathews policy, these bows cannot be shipped or mailed, they must be picked up in person.
  • Standard Colors are Black & Realtree Edge
  • All Other Finishes are Custom Color and are $75 more
  • Custom GAS Strings are a $165 Upcharge

Personalized Help

Have questions our website does not answer? New to the sport and would like more in depth help in deciding which bow and options suite your needs best? Simply give us a call at 870-475-3337 or Text at 870-410-0385 (M-F 12-7pm CST) and we will be happy to help! No used car salesman tactics here, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your bow package in the end and build each package specially for each and every customer. We will go through the entire process, each and every step, to ensure you are getting exactly what you need to be successful in archery.