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Gold Tip

Gold Tip Velocity Shafts

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Gold Tip Velocity Shafts

The Gold Tip Velocity is the toughest speed arrow we have tested and we've had them all! With 100% carbon construction, these arrows do not have fillers or other materials made into them which results in a more consistent spine arrows that is far more durable than anything else out there! We fletch, cut and ship arrows made how you need them for optimal performance. The Velocity shaft is our next most popular shaft after the Hunter for those that want to pick up some speed without sacrificing too much KE. This shaft also can serve as a great 3D arrow where speed and consistency is the name of the game. 

Arrow Information

Spine/ Straightness Weight GR/IN Weight@29'' w/o Point
300 Black .006 8.8 290
500 Black .006 6.3 217
400 Black .006 7.4 249
340 Black .006 8.2 272

Velocity Arrows Include

GT Acculite .246 Nock
GT Acculite .246 Insert

Fletching Configuration:
3 Fletch is the standard option and most popular. This type will work with virtually all arrow rests. 
4 Fletch however is a house favorite but this configuration will NOT work with a Full Capture Rest, we ask these to only be used with Drop Away style Rests and Blade Target Rests.
Ordering Note
*All arrows are priced individually, please select quantity.