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GAS High Octane Custom String Set with Stage 2 Hunting Tune

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GAS High Octane Custom String Set with Stage 2 Hunting Tune

The best strings on the market paired with our exclusive Stage 2 Hunting Bow Tune! Our Stage 2 Tune is our standard of bow fit and tune to ensure performance which comes included with many of our bow packages. Allow for 1-2 hours at pickup time for us to tune the bow to fit you for the best performance possible. 

We recommend this string for all performance bows with an IBO up to 370fps.

Purchase Process

Call us at 870-475-3337 or Contact Us Here

Tell us your bow make and model plus any other relevant information as well as color for your string set. (NOTE: We do not need you to bring your bow prior to order your string ahead of time in most cases to save you time and travel)


We require a $100 deposit over the phone via Credit Card or through Email Invoice

We contact you as soon as your string arrives to schedule your restring and tune appointment

What's Included

GAS High Octane String Set with your choice of colors

Stage 2 Hunting/Target Bow Tune

Stage 2 Tune Includes

  • Install String and Cable Set, install D Loop and Peep
  • Set draw length and weight to specified settings
  • Set cam timing and cam lean where applicable 
  • Install new nock point and d loop
  • Reinstall peep to your current peep height then tie in after confirming height
  • Adjust center shot to correct setting
  • Paper Tune which can cover adjusting yokes, adjusting nock height, adjusting center shot, cam timing, arrow rest timing, computer arrow spine check, form changes and many more tricks of the trade.
  • Walk Back Line Tuning to further perfect center shot
  • Includes 1hr Free Range time to sight back in

Ordering Information and Turn Around Times

To place your order, call us 12-7pm CST Monday - Friday at 870-475-3337 or hit the contact us to send us an email with your information. We will set an appointment that works with your schedule that allows us maximum time on your tune to continue providing the best personalized service!. Walk in, drop off orders are welcome too! Allow 5-7 business days from drop off to pick up and tune

Additional Information

*Free install and setup of accessories purchased in store, additional fee's apply for other accessories.

**Price does not include bow disassembly and reassembly. Some bow models require this to tune properly. +$20 for this service if needed.

***Tune pricing is based on 3 hours of labor, if tune process goes for more than 3 hours, Overtime Fee is $25/hour for each hour past

****Optional upgrade to NEW PLUS option which includes 1 hour of Personalized Shot Coaching with our Level 2 USA Archery certified staff to make your form Better, your shot Better and to make your archery itself Better! +$30.00 for this upgrade

*This string set option is for 2 & 3pc string set bows and in only Black and Tan. Halon/Prime/Evolve style bows are an additional $20.00. See main menu for these bows. 

Loyalty Program

After your restring, your bow will be eligible for discounts on further services as long as you own the bow and use strings replaced by us throughout the bows life.

The GAS High Octane Custom Color String Set is an industry standard of quality that is a huge upgrade from the stock strings on any bow out there. These strings are made from the highest quality BCY materials using GAS's proprietary TTS process which means a shoot in time of just a few shots that will be taken care of here in store before you leave. It is a personal favorite of our staff for all hunting applications on all bows. This string set option is for 2 & 3pc string set bows. Halon/Prime/Evolve style bows are an additional $20.00. See main menu for these bows.