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Apex Gear Covert Four Pin Adjustable .19 Pins

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  • COVERT™ Four-Pin takes versatility to a new level, combining the benefits of a long range sliding single-pin with those of a traditional multi-pin. Locked, the COVERT can be used like any familiar multi-pin sight. Unlocked, the sight can be dialed in for precise and deadly accuracy. 

    • Ultra-smooth easy one-hand adjustments.
    • Includes over 120 pre-marked yardage tapes to simplify setup.
    • Rear-facing, easy-to-see yardage tape location.
    • Perfect for any light condition.
    • Adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis illuminated level.
    • Quick and easy setup.
    • Bracket incorporates dampened end-of-travel stops.
    • Adjustable yardage pointer.
    • Adjustable for left and right-handed users.
    • Adjustable micro push-button light.

Exclusive Sight Leveling 

Before shipment of this sight, we go the extra step to set the 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis of your sight so when you bolt it on, it is ready to go! If purchasing this sight in store, we level the sight and help you sight in and use your new sight!