Mathews Archery Service Center

We are your Mathews Archery Service Center

It is never fun to have your bow go down, especially when you need it most. We totally understand the frustration of being out when you have taken vacation, caught up house duties and everything else in life to be able to spend some time on archery! Things do happen to absolutely every brand of bow out there. The difference is now you have somebody that is here to help in anyway they can!

What We Can Help With?

  • Being the mediator between you the consumer and them the manufacturer. By doing so, we are able to receive parts and service from the manufactures much faster than the consumer which adds up to being able to get you back to shooting sooner! Unfortunately only the manufacturer determines what can be warrantied and how long it will take however we are able to hurry up the processes that lead up getting a ruling on your bow and getting parts in.
  • We have access to Mathews parts all the way back to 1992
  • Inspect your bow to determine any additional parts or strings it may need to perform to the fullest

How Do I Get Help?

  • Simply fill out the contact us on this page or give us a call at 870-475-3337 1-7pm CST M-F. Please leave us detailed information of services needed, issues you are having or warranty claim to make. 
  • We require all bows to be physically brought to our Pro Shop or mailed in to our Pro Shop for all warranty services to be performed.
  • Dont shoot the messenger! While we wish we could rule the warranty claims ourselves, it is up to the manufacturer to determine what parts will be free under warranty or will cost. Charges may apply for any parts, shipping, labor or other services required to repair the bow.

What Do Parts & Labor Typically Cost?

In our many years of being a Pro Shop, we have experienced a variety of unique situations and have decided to lay it out there as to what some parts typically cost to replace as well as the services involved. In the case of warranty, some parts may or may not be covered by the manufacturer, manufacturers also do not cover any labor charges involved in repairing bows. 

Mathews Parts

 Part Price
Limb Set (For most models) $299.99
Single Cam Replacement (For most models) $140.00
Cam Set for 2 Cam Bows (For most models) $249.99
Module Set for All Bows $59.99


Labor And Services

All labor and services are performed personally by Dalton, Jeff or Julie to ensure your bow is setup correctly and will perform to the highest level!

 Service Pricing
Cam Install $30.00
Limb Install $30.00
Module Install $15.00
Bow Press Fee $5.00
Stage 1 Resetup & Retune
Stage 2 Resetup & Retune
Stage 3 Resetup & Retune
Install Single String Only $30.00
Install Single Cable Only