TRU Ball Rave Thumb Release & How to Shoot It: Did You Know Episode 3

In Episode 3 of our Did You Know Series, we take a look at the features of TRU Ball Rave thumb release and give you our thoughts on it. We then take things a step farther by showing one of the best ways to shoot it.


hey everybody dalton vaughan here at the
better outdoors archery pro shop and for
this video we have the truball rave
thumb release
and guys i have shot just about every
thumb release out on the market coached
people just about everyone adjusted
about all of them and dollar for dollar
this is the best one i think you can buy
for me anyway we set up people with them
daily we coach people with them daily
and these they give us all the
adjustment all the options we need to
really fit it right and for it to
perform right especially shooting it
correctly and in this video at the end
of it we're going to show you how to
shoot it but for now let's dive into
what makes the rave well something to
rave about
now to kick things off with the rave the
best part is it's 144.99 which is a lot
of release now if you're coming from an
index release you might go man 150 bucks
for a release that's a little steep well
in reality you start looking at other
thumb releases it's really not very
expensive and it's very impressive that
trueball built basically a 300 release
for 144.99 that's a pretty cool deal
which a big part of it for us too is
when you buy one in store we're gonna
set it to you we're gonna coach you with
it and show you really how to shoot it
not just take your money and run out the
door kind of deal now if you order one
online of course that's a little tougher
but we can go ahead and set it to what
we prefer setting wise before it ships
out so a little added value there for
you just got to let us know now getting
into it a little bit deeper being that
it is the price that it is the only real
difference between it and the blade is
two things the the case on it is a
little bit different it's just solid
aluminum uh clamped together so it's not
it's not anything fancy and that's okay
to me in fact i prefer how this feels
better in my hand than the blade does
and the blade also has a cockin uh deal
on the back so you push it into it
where this one i kind of like this
better because it's so simple you just
close the jaws in your d-loop and it
shuts the release so that's a really
handy part about this now something else
i like about especially hunting is it's
pretty dang quiet it's kind of hard to
tell on video of course but it's pretty
dang quiet when it shoots for some thumb
releases they have this awful chunk
sound and i just don't i just don't want
my release louder than my bow that is
actually a thing believe it or not but
not that many releases are that horribly
loud either
now something else cool made in usa
really like that about it try to get
that all we can and the other part as
well is
it does fit a majority of hand sizes it
it's based off the medium blade release
a medium true ball and we've got some
people with a little bit bigger hand
shooting it with no problem and with
smaller hands no problem as well but it
is kind of a good middle ground for that
but it's not going to fit every single
person do keep that in mind but i think
it'll fit 95 percent of folks right here
it does have a single jaw where the old
fang if you guys may have seen that
years ago it had a hook on the end and i
really didn't like the hook because it
was awkward to try to make it hang on
your d loop hunting and this it'll just
hang with no problem so i really like
that design and being a single jaw and
having a solid edge on the other side
the d-loop gets out of there a lot
cleaner so that's some of the behind the
scenes of how all this magic works
now it does come with an optional
lanyard it's really just some loop
material a little bit thicker but it
works really good if your spot and stock
kind of guy you may love this or if
you're new to a thumb release a little
more security by having that
having that lanyard myself though i
don't really care for it i just like to
hang my hang my release on my d-loop
when i'm in the tree and that's how i
roll because we primarily white-tail
now as well it does have adjustable
tension and travel which is the most
important part of any release is being
able to adjust those two parts
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deer now back to the video now shooting
these releases really is a lot simpler
than some people make it out to be and
they're definitely not scary to shoot by
any means you just need just a touch of
knowledge and you're good
and one of those pieces is how to hold
it very simple make your hand like a
hook like this
put the release in that hook and it's
going to be through this part of your
fingers you're not going to want to
choke up on it like a fist that's the
worst thing you can do don't draw it
that way
it just don't anchor good it just don't
shoot good
environ and also
don't draw it with it all the way out
here because you can indeed let go of it
so that is two things you've got to
remember when shooting these and of
course draw with your thumb away from
the trigger that's hugely important like
but what we're going to do after this
point now that we have it in our hand
properly is you actually are going to
turn your hand to face you
and you're going to split your jaw line
right here with this v
so this v split that jaw line and
everybody's a little different some
people are up here some people are back
here and it depends if you're wearing
glasses like i do or your draw length or
whatever the case there's so much
adjustability there and where is
comfortable for you i'm not going to say
there's a one size fits all to that it's
where we can get you the most repeatable
it's really important to be repeatable
with this
now from there we have it turned towards
us when we draw an anchor anchor on that
jawline now the three little pigs method
i like to use that because it's silly
enough y'all remember
so the first little piggy is we touch
the trigger with that crease of our
thumb right here
so crease of our thumb here first little
piggy second little piggy wraps around
it the third little piggy now this is
the this is important and it's not that
hard to do
third little piggy is to pull into it
now i'm
pulling into the shot to make it fire
instead of just clipping it off if you
ever just clipping off
and making this shoot you're kind of
cheating it you're punching it you're
honestly going to be back to the same
bad habit shooting because this will not
make you a better shooter that is so
controversial but it will make you a
better shooter if you learn to shoot it
one of the right ways and this is to me
the best way to shoot them
so going through the three little pigs
method once again for you guys
first little piggy's going to touch here
second little pig is going to wrap
third little piggy we're going to start
pulling that bow apart pull it straight
back it's the best way to describe it
until it goes off that way you've got
tension on the shot you're pulling
through it and it's a surprise release
and the first time you do it right it's
like a light bulb comes on you're like i
can do this now and that right there
will make you a better shot


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