Shoot for Reid! 2/5 Target Tuesday Recap


This was a special Benefit Target Tuesday event for one of our customers 3 year old boy Reid! He has been through brain surgery right after he was born then diagnosed with EoE and after a few months he could no longer eat normally. He is now on a direct feeding into his body. He was diagnosed recently with autism as well. We helped put this benefit on so that the family can be away from work for an extended period of time to see some of the leading experts in this field in Boston and Cincinnati to determine how to treat and help the little guy.

We are so thankful for all the support from our customers, friends and our sponsors for Reid and his family last night!! We raised nearly 2100 dollars for this family in their time of need. We are grateful to be able to use our platform for good in our community and spread archery. We had a record 54 shooters register and we're totally surprised at the turnout! We promise a normal Target Tuesday doesnt go on that late!


Our Sponsors:
Dalton and Jeff Vaughn Better Outdoors Archery Lepanto
Angela Vaughn Lepanto Flower Shop Lepanto
Jeffery Slack Slack Ag Services Lepanto
Henry Tucker Nutrian Ag Lost Cane
Vaughn Ford Marked Tree
Lynn Skaggs Greenpoint Ag Keiser
Jace Tyler Jaces Barbershop Lepanto
Aaron Winningham Farm Source Ag Wilson
John Williams & Billy Palmer Sanders Lepanto
Greenway John Deere Marked Tree
Justin Tacker Delta Ag Consulting
Southern Pro Tackle Brookland
Bloody Arrows Bowfishing
Damon and Keith Tyler
Taryn Tyler Allure Hair Studio Lepanto
Bartons of Lepanto
Sonic Drive In of Lepanto
Irrigation Supply Lepanto
Heartland Equipment Case Marked Tree
Syndi Landry Family and Orthodontic Dentistry
Julianne, Ambrite & Tyler Veach
First Community Bank Lepanto


Team Podium Winners 
1st Ryan D and Billy P
2nd Dalton V and A.W. C
3rd Daniel K and Dennis S
4th Logan C and Brian

Invidivual High Score Winner
Ryan D

Novelty Winner
Justin T

Bloody Arrows Bowfishing Trip Winner 
Jon C

We want to thank everybody that donated, everybody that came out to shoot and you guys that shared it around social media as well as a shout out to Rob West at 104.9 for his help on the radio! We promise next weeks shoot wont end so late! We are open 12 to 7 all week and 10 to 3 Saturday

Shoot for Reid LIVE Donation Presentation

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