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In this guide, we will visit the topics of eye dominance, draw length and draw weight. At the end of this guide is a video illustrating the entire process as well as showing proper form. Contact us directly for more information or help!

To get started, an archer needs to determine which eye dominant they are. This will dictate which dexterity bow you will need. We have untold amounts of new shooters come in that are right handed but left eye dominant or vice versa. This is considered "cross dominant". We recommend the shooter to go with the side their dominant eye is on for the best accuracy even if it feels a bit foreign at first.

Eye Dominance

To determine eye dominance, there is a very simple method that works 99% of the time! 

1. Extend your arms out in front of you at eye level with your palms facing away.

2. Bring your hands together forming a small "V" shaped" hole or view window by overlapping your thumbs and fingers.

3. Select a small object at least 10 feet in front of you and look at it with both eyes through the hole in your hands.

4. While remaining focused on the object close one eye and take note of what happens then open the eye.

5. Now slowly draw your hand closer to you. When you have drawn your hands back to your face the view window will be placed over one eye or the other. This is your dominate eye.

Now that we have found our eye dominance, this will guide the dexterity we will choose for our new bow.

Lets say we are right handed and left eye dominant so we will be going with a left hand PSE Stinger X.

Now, we must determine what draw length we are. Luckily, the Stinger X as well as the rest of the PSE line allows for a great draw length range. 

Draw Length

To determine your draw length, first get a friend or family member to help as well as a tape measure.

1. Stand up straight, extend your arms out straight to your sides. We will be measuring your wingspan. 

2. Have your help take the tape measure and measure from middle finger to middle finger. Lets say for example we come out with 70 inches. 

3. Now we will divide 70 by 2.5, this brings us to 28in draw length. We need to start shooting with a 28in draw length. 

While this method works well, it is not the be all, end all method. We have found this to get the shooter within a half inch long or short of the exact draw length they need. With PSE, their cams are very simple to adjust without a bow press and at home by the user if it needs adjusted after the purchase.  

So we are now looking at needing a left hand bow with a 28in draw length.

Draw Weight

Something we must decide next is which draw weight range and draw weight do we need. A general rule of thumb is start as low as possible to promote proper form and shot process.The worst thing in archery is to be over bowed which is followed by having too much draw length. We recommend the following as guide lines: Shooter Size Recommend Draw Weight

 Shooter Size Recommended Draw Weight Range
Very Small Child (40-70lbs) 5-10lbs
Small Child (70-100lbs) 10-20lbs
Large Child (100-130lbs) 20-35lbs
Small Frame Woman (80-100lbs) 20-30lbs
Medium Frame Woman/Teenage Female (100-140lbs) 30-40lbs
Large Frame Woman (140+lbs) 40-50lbs
Small Frame Man (100-140lbs) 35-50lbs
Medium Frame Man (150-200) 45-55lbs
Large Frame Man (190+lbs) 60-70lbs


Now we determine which weight range we fall into. Lets say we are a teenage male. So we need to order a 25-60lb Left Hand Stinger X set to a 28in draw length.

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