Mathews Archery V3X™33 Bow Initial Thoughts: Did You Know Series Episode 1

We have our latest video out on the new 2022 Mathews V3X 33! Here is a quick transcript of the video. If you'd like to watch this video, click the video below.


hey everybody dalton vaughn here at the better outdoors archery pro shop and
we're going to go through my initial thoughts on new matthews
 v3x33 now the full review is to come before too long
we're going to go through our full testing with it with a draw cycle let
off valley speed and everything we've learned from our pre from our testing
from tuning exposed and from actual customer feedback here in the real world
so that'll come on the full review but let's dive into these initial thoughts
because there's some pretty cool stuff to talk about
when the v3x33 came out of the box when
we first got them in
in november i was pretty excited because
we finally got a long axle bow from
matthews we finally got something at 33
and better something i've been wanting
the halonx was a cool length at 35 and
they kind of quit doing those and then
the traverse a lot of guys missed out on
the traverse because it just really
wasn't marketed well and nobody really
knew they even built a little bit longer
bow but that's all changed with a much
upgraded much improved traverse because
we've got a long riser really really
long riser
and then we've got that 33 inch axle
axle so really good option as far as a
long draw hunting bow now of course the
full review we're going to go through a
lot more details and stuff we're going
to learn between now and then but this
is a really neat platform to get started
with for a longer axle bow
now super huge monster thing about these
bows they are available in store only a
matthews dealer us or anybody else
cannot ship these bows if they do they
lose their dealership we get inundated
with calls and i know a lot of the other
dealers do as well but you cannot ship
however in store free for all right
there so all of our matthews come with
our stage 3 build appointment so that
includes fitting the bowl properly
setting up your accessories properly
that's going to be figuring out what
areas we need to match your setup
perfectly then from there we go through
paper tuning we go through walk-back
tuning and broadhead tuning but the most
important overarching part of our whole
process because it's a three to four
hour build appointment is the coaching
we're going to go through and we're
going to get to where you can use the
most of this technology this new bow and
this new setup with some form changes
some shot changes and some other things
to make it just that much better
now if you want to book one of those
appointments you just want to find out
some more visit our website you can actually
schedule through there visit us on
social media follow us there on
instagram and facebook at better
outdoors archery pro shop
or if you like to roll old-fashioned
because i'm a little old-fashioned too
give us a call at
870-475-3337 and then you can schedule
your bill to ask your questions there
and book your appointment because we've
got customers that drive four six eight
ten hours away
to come for that stage three tune in if
you're feeling like you've not really
got your money's worth out of some other
places as far as tuning goes well we're
gonna make sure it's not a short trip
we'll make sure it's the right trip now
back to the video
now another big thing with these bows is
for 2022 matthews has really doubled
down their integrated accessories and so
far they've been well received here in
the store and my testing so far with
them pretty impressed i was a little
skeptical at first but they do cut down
on noise and vibration that's kind of
part of their deal as a whole you know
of course we're still able to use and
still running the integrate rest which
you can run the hd extras a lot of
people don't realize that
and as well we've got the new low pro
quivers now they have a detachable and a
non-detachable a fixed quiver if you
will this bow has the fixed quiver on it
that's my preference personally i don't
like to take my quiver off this
this is something i've been waiting on
because it is so close to the riser
now here's something you probably don't
know with the eight with the detachable
quiver you can run the qad hdx the
matthews one on it and you can run a
standard riser mount site most of them a
garmin won't fit behind it but a spot
hog and excel wheel without having to
use the bridge lock system so do keep
that in mind if you want to use the new
quiver and don't really know what you
can use with it
now if you want to use the fix quiver
like i've got here you do have to use
the bridge lock sight technology and you
do have to use the integrate rest to
clear because the arrows are literally
almost touching the riser there's just
enough room in between there so they
don't touch but it's super close to the
bow now that is really neat really neat
now the bridge lock riser the sight
mount it's pretty sweet idea too because
you can put any excel or spot hog in it
the dovetail versions there's other
sites you can put in it but we've not
tested those we've just tested these
and as well we have the excel bridge
lock sight it's made for matthew's bike
sail it's a accustat 10.19 uh scope
housing on a custom bracket so you could
put really any
accustat 2 scope on this if you wanted
to so that gives you more options site
that works great with this is the new
excel landslide a really neat way to set
this up we're going to be doing a lot of
those i already can tell and then of
course the spot hog fast eddy xl works
really good with it too now some sites
already have a little caution here some
sites are not going to be able to move
to the right far enough to actually work
on the bow despite going into the riser
mount so that's going to be something
exciting to see i already can tell
already been filled a lot a lot of
questions on that but more testing will
be needed on that to figure more out
nothing else new is the
uh stay a field system and that's going
to be these little knobs off the cams
are two on each end and they have a cord
that goes from to each end they can make
it for the v3x 33 and the 29 they have
to have a different one because the
different bow links but
just a cable there's aftermarket ones
that can be done too and you can press
the bow in the field now
out here in the southeast white tail
hunting probably not going to use it a
ton but out west i think it's going to
be absolutely fantastic
because you never know we're going to
hit a string with a broad head but by
doing that you can change the string you
could change the twist in your string
maybe you have a peep that's not
and you can change the cable the only
thing you can't do is change top hats or
change the yoke because that's the way
that it works do have to turn the bow
down four turns as well to utilize that
but these bolts still are able to use
the scs connection like the past few
years as far as being able to put the
bow rope on it pull it up and use their
custom sling so that's still an option
too now something you can definitely
notice right off the bat with these is
the new granite finish it is a little
bit different color some say it's tam
some say it's gray that just depends on
your eyes really but it is a good color
it's a little different than the green
and you can really run a lot of extreme
colors with this thing already we've
already set up quite a few different
variants with that
in store speaking of that we do a lot of
custom gas strings and we install those
brand new on the bow for a lot of the
time if you want to go custom colors we
have those in store as well but the
stock zebra strings they get a lot of
hate but
i've never had issues with them they're
really good but if i want to change
colors i might as well just buy the gas
string for the same money and carry on
so that's just how the way i roll the
way we grow
now the granite finish did replace the
stone speaking of which and then all the
other colors have stayed on 422 so
nothing else has changed there so all
finally though all four quiver options
and all the stabilizers are finally
available in every color the bow is in
so camo solid colors whatever
so a lot of options there probably a few
too many options but that's kind of what
we're here for to help sort through all
those options
now my initial thoughts on who and
really what this bow is going to be best
and that may change between now and the
full review and that's why we're not
just going to rush out with a full
review yet we still got a little more
time on the clock we want to spin with
this bow and our customers want to spin
with it and give us some feedback
now according to them though i'm going
to go with their opinion first this is
probably the easiest to draw matthews
bow of kind of the modern era from the
halon up that's what our customers
saying y'all can argue that out in the
comments that's cool but that's just
what our customers are saying now to me
it is a little bit smoother for me to
and it transitions a little better for
me than the v331 which is what i shot
for the majority of last year i also had
the 27 for a brief time and shot it
quite a bit but in it is easier to draw
than the 27 that much i'm willing to bet
the farm on
now for me it's not too big for tree
stands i mean yeah sure it's a 33 inch
boat it's like 39 inches cam to cam i
mean it's a pretty big bow but for
anywhere i hunt i have a lot of hang ons
and climbers
i don't see any shot i can't ethically
take with this longer bow and it's still
steady now it's definitely to me the
most stable hunting bowl that i've shot
and that does encompass all the brands
that's just preliminary testing we'll
see if it shakes out that way in the end
but so far
super super steady and our customers
echoed that
already with shooting these bows
i do think this is going to be awesome
for some casual 3d maybe some good time
events kind of like the tack or
something like that this 33 inch bow
being steady being long riser it's gonna
be awesome for that really awesome and i
can even see this being competitive and
like a bow hunter style pins class asa
style if you want to get into kind of
the weeds of that because it's still
going to have good speed and a good ata
so definitely something to think about
if you want to get a bow for kind of
more than just shoot it a few times put
it in the closet if you want to really
go out and enjoy your bow
the customers already that have shot
this in store have really mentioned that
like hey i'm going to look forward to
just going out and playing with this bow
rather than side of the end shoot it
enough to hunt with and put it in the
closet so that's never fun but it's a
lot more fun to get to play with them
now who this bow is going to be perfect
for honestly i think that 29 and a half
and up draw length and they're going to
benefit the most from it now if you're a
shorter draw than that you're going to
have a really just nice to shoot bow
it's not going to be quite as mean and
fast as some of the others
because of that 336 ibo but it's a very
nice to shoot bow even on a shorter draw
but that 29 and a half up it's kind of
where i land i shoot a 29 mod it
measures 29 right at 5 8 for me is where
i shoot best
really feels good for what i want to do
with it and we've already set some up on
that 30 and a half 31 inch draw and it
really works out good there
i also think this is going to be a
really awesome elk bow kind of the same
deal longer range precision more steady
would definitely keep this in mind for
an elk bow
especially with a lot of customers that
go and do those style hunts and they do
like that longer bow

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