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Hey everybody it's Dalton Vaughn with Better Outdoors and we've got the new for 2017 Axcel Accuhunter single-pin hunting sight. Now this is another model of the Accutouch that's got a few features that are a little bit different for the Accuhunter but this is going to be a really solid hunting sight that leaves really nothing to chance. It's built really well, they're really tough. The Accutouch was as well and it's won tons of awards because of that. 

Really tough sight, it's made really well, I really like how it looks, it looks like a really high-end piece. All made in America which is big to me, it's all aluminum, so it's a really tough setup.

Now to get into it a little bit deeper, it's got the new Accuhunter AV scope on it which is just like the Accuview but this has got the new fiber pin built into it. Now the fiber pin is built with a lot more fiber than we've seen with the Accuview and the ring pin, same with the X-Series scopes from years ago, so it's a lot brighter scope, a lot brighter pin. 

Actually, having this Rheostat cover on the plus version is a huge help because this pin is bright. Outside it is bright. It almost is too bright. For some it very well may be, especially in a .19 configuration just like this one. 

Now it also uses all of your Accuview front and rear sunshades, so that's cool. It's modular. It also uses the same lens as any 31mm Axcel scope so you can use a lens with these. The Plus model comes with a crosshair, the crosshair is really neat, I've not seen that from basically anybody else. Got a lot of people that love the crosshair which helps in low light, you can always find this crosshair in low light where the pin is a little bit tougher depending on the situation, like I said this pin is crazy bright. 

You have the front lens retainer, you have the rear torque indicator, and you also have the Rheostat cover on the Plus version. Your standard model just has the scope but all of those parts can be added to this scope and they can be used on any of the Accuview 41 scopes. 

So a lot of features there you can add to it if you wish. The center pin size is a .19 pin. A .10 is also available and you get these pins in green, red, yellow, and orange, so you have lots of different colors of pins to play with. When you do order one of these, make sure you get the pin color you like because they're not fun to change out, not like the Accutouch Accuview scopes are where you just pull it out. 

It also uses a sight light, you can put that right in. It goes right in this yoke connection you can run your Zbros, you can run an LP, you can run a stock little Axcel light that's really good, actually. A really bright dude. 

But to move on with features, the sight base on the side is a really nice setup, the whole adjustment system is really nice. You have your first and second and third axis adjustment, the first axis being here, your second's on the front, as well as your third axis on the front. A single pin is far more accurate if you set up all three axises. You'll be a lot happier with any of the single pins no matter the brand. 

Now it has a 45-degree angle rear sight holder so when you're shooting, you draw back on an animal heat of the moment, you don't have to go "well, I hope I moved my sight," well you can look right over here and see that you moved your sight and it's kind of neat to be able to see it anyway without having to turn the bow over and all this like we have to do on our target bows.

It also has a 20-yd dead stop, which the dead stop is cool because you can set it obviously at 20 yards, so you always know regardless of what you do that you move it all the way up, it hits the stop, and you're at 20 yards. So in the rear dark conditions if there's any need for that or in a ground blind for instance, you'll be able to get to 20 yards and not have to guess where it's at or look over here and try to find it. And I'll just set that up, ready to go.

You can also loosen up these bolts when it comes to adjusting this thing for maximum yardage, loosen up these and move the scope up or down if you run out of adjustment up or down on the actual sight bracket. You can also move it right back here for even more, if you need to. 

Now this sight has the three mounting holes and the closest mounting hole of course is going to be the best for you guys that shoot long range. The closer you get to the scope, the more range you're going to have. It also has quiver mount holes right behind those and what's good about this setup, having all of the adjustments up here and this part clear, is you can run any quiver basically you want to with this sight and it won't ever get in the way. So that's a really nice feature.

Now you can also do right or left hand with this kind of sight base and scope. Flip it over, flip or elevate your windage block over, and flip your scope over, put the pin through the other side unless you want to shoot a down pin, and you can set this up as a left hand. So all of them can do that. 

Now what we do is we do offer these sights already levelled, already ready to go right out of the box ready to go when you order them so when you pull it out of the box and mount it to your bow all of your axises are set, you're ready to go shoot. A lot of these sights they won't come out of the box square, hardly any sight honestly that we have dealt with from any brand and we do carry quite a few brands are going to be level, so keep that in mind that you need to level a single pin for maximum accuracy.

Now this is the Plus model of course, and this one is going to sell for $259.99. Your standard model does however come down on price and it gets you into the $219.99 mark and that's in MAP prices. And that's with a .19 pin. A .10 pin is going to add $10 to either of these sights. 

Now they also come with sight tapes right out of the box so you don't have to worry about that. There's a variety of methods to sight these in. In fact, the instructions show everything you need to know as far as sighting in goes, but we'll have a video for you guys on that as well. 

And it comes with wrenches for everything as well as mounted stainless steel mounting bolts, but it's got every wrench on here and every bolt, they all go together so you're able to adjust it, able to do anything you need or tighten anything up over time. So really nice and really thoughtful for Axcel to include that. 

This sight is I would say a touch heavier than some other single pins out there though not quite as heavy as the Accutouch itself and this sight weighs 10.5 oz. The standard version is just about one ounce lighter, so not a lot of difference in weight there. So you're looking at an all-aluminum, all-American made sight that's tough. I've really been a big fan of Axcel sights and T.R.U. Ball releases since they're all together. But really a fan of their sights, they're really tough, they're really bright, and in my opinion guys nobody makes a finer pin than you're going to find in an Axcel. They are so, so fine. The pin post around it is really small which you think would be not durable, but this one is really tough especially with this fiber pin setup which I feel like is better for hunting, which is why the Accuhunter come out.

To contact us, you can find us at for ordering anything like that as well as our bow packages which we do offer these sights as an opinion for bow packages. Or you can find us on Facebook at Better Outdoors Archery & Bowhunting as well as Instagram at Better Outdoors Archery. Or give us a phone call at 870-475-3337. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this video, have learned a little bit about the new Accuhunter sight, and as always guys we appreciate y'all watching, thanks everybody!

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  • Gary Kuykendall

    Hi – I really like the AccuHunter site, but want a 3 pin. I visited with Axcel technical folks and they said it could be accomplished. What do you think? Would this be advised,

    Gary Kuykendall

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